Sports fighting osteoporosis

\\Sports fighting osteoporosis

Sports fighting osteoporosis

One of the best strategies for increasing bone strength is continuous exercise. Even if you have osteoporosis, the effect of continuous exercise can make you miracles.

Why do doctors always advise you to exercise in osteoporosis?

With exercise, only the muscle is not made, but the bones become thicker and stronger.

Three types of exercise are effective in bone density:

  • Weight bearing exercise
  • resistance sports
  • flexibility

Weight bearing refers to exercises in which your weight is tolerated on your legs, such as:

Walking, hiking, climbing stairs and dancing

Exercise such as cycling and swimming is beneficial for your heart and lungs, but it does not help the bones because your weight is not tolerated by your legs.

Physicians recommending exercise moderate to severe for a minimum of half an hour 5 times a week, which, if this time reaches to 45 minutes to 1 hour, is great.

Resistance sports are exercises in which another weight is tolerated in addition to your weight. It also builds muscle and bone formation. Research has shown that this kind of exercise, in addition to bone formation, also prevents bone fractures. These sports include weight lifting at gyms or at home.

Resistance sports could also consist fitness, weightlifting, and etc.

Flexible exercise is also important for bone health. Having a flexible joints prevents damage to the bones.

The examples for these sports are Tai Chi and Yoga.


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