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Alnapharm GmbH:

Founded in 2010, develops innovative Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device and Dietary Supplements.

The first product of Alnapharm “Osvalin” a special high quality nutritional supplement is used for prevention of Osteoporosis and Arthritis is being available in Iran by Shafatab Darou Since 2015.



MEDICURA AG is an organically certified company and is subject to controls by the inspection body for organic food stuff and by the Food Control authorities. Using its own recipes, MEDICURA AG has placed innovative products with the power of nature on the market.

MEDICURA cooperates with notable companies in the area of analytic and nutrition technology to keep up with the pinnacle of technical development. Cooperation with nutritionists, publicly accredited experts and nameable professors of universities is self-evident.

Shafatab Darou will make available Artichoke+Chromium+Pectin+Chitosan+Vitamin C and Vitamin C + Zinc Long-Term Capsules from 2018.


Founded in 1988, has become an increasingly important reference for a sector of natural medicine over the years.

Shafatab Darou will make available Ferronam from 2018.