What is Osteoarthritis?

The segmental definitions of Osteoarthritis in Latin are as follows:

  • Osteo: bone
  • Arthr: joint
  • Itis: inflammation

Arthritis is the most common form of joint diseases; a chronic disease in which the joint cartilage destroys through the time.

Due to various reasons like the pressure entering to the joints of the person through the daily activities, overweight or the damages to the joint, the joint cartilage gradually destroys and loses its protective coverage. So the joint movements of the person are associated with pain and difficulty. Furthermore, the bones of the person defect and by the advancement of the disease, the person is capable of Osteoporosis.

This disease mostly entangles the joints of hands, knees, pelvis and backbone.

It mainly occurs at the upper ages of 45 and it is more common in women than men.


Symptoms of Arthritis:

The joint pain in Osteoarthritis is depended on activities and it happens when using the joint or after that and then it decreases gradually. Some examples of it include the pain in knees, hip joint when going up and down the stairs or pain in the enduring weight joints when walking.

At the beginning of the disease, the pain is periodic and the person experiences pain after intense usage of joints but following the advancement of the disease, the pain gets chronic and it even disturbs the patient through the night time.

Joint dispassion is another symptom of this disease. Throughout the day and following short period motionless, the patients suffering from this disease experience temporal joint dispassion that is known as Gel phenomena.

Morning dispassion takes less than 30 minutes in these patients.

There are some indicators in the knees like locking, catching and buckling that are other symptoms of this disease which can be meant as torn meniscus in knees too. Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic pain in the knees of people at the upper ages of 45.


Treatment of Osteoarthritis

The main goal of treatment is reducing the pain and restoring the natural joint movements in the person.

At the next stage of treatment, the restoration of the destroyed cartilage and also at the advanced stage of the disease, the treatment of destroyed bone texture happens.


The effect of Osvalin on Osteoarthritis:

The diet supplement of Osvalin that is enriched with


silicon dioxide causes the restoration of the joint cartilage by increasing the collagen production and decreases the symptoms like joint pain

and joint dispassion. In addition to its positive effect on the pain, it improves the joint movements in the people and it restores the destroyed cartilage and bone texture in the long period utilization.

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