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Our Story

درباره شفاتاب دارو

Shafatab Darou, is a family trading company in field of Pharmaceutical and supplemental, established in 2014 as a sister company of Demco Groups Company with more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and trading in different kinds of industries.

The idea of expanding the business field toward pharmaceutical and supplemental field, arose from the noticeable change of the culture and awareness if Iran’s society in regards to healthier life style. In addition, the health ministry of health and hygiene is also focusing on improving health levels in the country by encouraging the use of such products.


Our Vision

Shafatab Darou vision is to embody the pharmaceutical and supplemental leadership in our market, through introducing innovative and novel products, focused on patients’ needs, high commitment and quality based services to our customers and increase awareness of healthier lifestyle.


Our Mission

Shafatab Darou mission is to strive for better health of patients by identifying high quality and innovative products based on society’s demand and provide superior quality services to our customers and partners.


How We Work

Shafatab Darou members endeavor to act on honesty and integrity at all times especially at challenging times.

We use the consultation of best consultants and advance our strategies and decisions with novel ideas with backbone of experience. We aim to expand to constantly grow and expand our business activities.

Our sales team is expanded in all province of the country. We have established good relationship with physicians, specialist, pharmacies, hospitals and health communities through our sales team and intend to make this relationship stronger.

Our marketing team by increase the awareness of physicians and specialist regarding our products by arranging Shafatab Darou participation in congresses and specialists’ communities. They are also intend to increase the awareness of society for healthier lifestyle by developing campaigns and other informative approaches.

Ou marketing team seek the demand of society and search for high quality products in accordance.

Through all our activities we remain true to our values.


Our Values

  • Moral principles

In Shafatab Darou we obliged to act on humanity, honesty and integrity. Due to our field of work, we are accountable to implement highest standards of moral principles on our action.

  • Commitment

Shafatab Darou is committed to its partners and seeks to provide the growth of its partner as well. We cooperate with our partners on the basis of integrity, fairness and healthy relation fo the purpose of full filling both partners’ vision.

Each member of Shafatab Darou is committed to costumers and provides the high quality services for our customers.

We are committed to patients and before any action we think of patients’ wellbeing.

  • Passion

We strive to always be true to our vision and get stronger by our passion to contribute to the enrichment of health of country.