4 of the bests sports for weight loss and wellness:

\\4 of the bests sports for weight loss and wellness:

4 of the bests sports for weight loss and wellness:

If you are not an athlete but you want to be healthy or seem good shaped when you dressed up, then you can use the sports offered on this list. For some of us, gyms can be scary. Only passing by treadmills and weights can make us run away from the gym.

However, there are exercises that do not need to be done in the gyms and they can also help your health. These exercises helps to lose weight and improve health of your bones, joints and tendons. They also help maintain balance, increase the range of motion, reduce bladder control problems, and reduce the progress of dementia.

These activities can help increase physical fitness and reduce diseases regardless of age and physical conditions.


  • Swimming

Swimming is one of the best sports. Due to the fact that water inhibits your weight on the joints, it can help reduce joint pain. “Swimming exercises are beneficial for people with osteoarthritis as it reduces the pressure of weight on joints” Dr. Lee Maine (professor of Harvard University) said.

Research has also shown that swimming exercises prevent memory loss and increase mood.

Water aerobics also can helps burning calories and losing weight.

  • Tai Chi

This Chinese sport, which combines martial arts and relaxation, is beneficial for the body and mind.

In Tai Chi, the transition is slow and it would be very helpful on maintaining balance mostly for the elderly, since it comes very difficult to maintain the balance at the older ages.

  • Power based exercises

If you do not use the lifts, your muscles will break down and as much muscle’s increase, more calories will burn.

Power lifting can also help brain activity.

Be sure to know how to use lifts properly before you do any exercise. Start with lightweights and add weights after a few weeks.

  • Walking – jogging

Jogging is simple exercise but very effective. Walking reduces cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, and improves bone strength and decrease the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.

This activity also reduces the risk of dementia.

You just need a pair of shoes for this sport. Start from 10 to 15 minutes a day, and increase the time by 30 to 60 minutes over time.


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